With our expertise in the Asian Region, we are confident we are equipped with the knowledge and know-how to provide the highest quality services to your business.

Company Profile

Our professional team comprises talented individuals who were educated and trained abroad such as Taiwan, Belgium, France and domestic Institutions. We have extensive experiences and skills related to securities market. Our management team has been participating in the Taiwan and Vietnam Stock Market since its beginning and has extensive understanding of how the market performs and reacts as well as experience in drawing up a strategic tactic and direction to ensure smooth process of Initial Public Offering (IPO).

With our expertise in the Asian Region, we are confident we are equipped with the knowledge and know-how to provide the highest quality services to your business.

Our DMA model

Our Forex trade platform, DMA model, is particularly different from the platforms of other trading companies. Our collaboration with multiple banks provides a more liquid and transparent trading environment. This also shows the market’s movement depth, where the trader can see the best buy-in and sell-out price, and can also check the applicability of all the prices. A great variety of bank quotes are streamed to the system, this function allows traders to measure quotes under different liquidity, and improve the quality of their trade executions. DMA is a platform that connects directly to a great variety of bank market trades. Phnom Penh Securities allows direct trade between bank quotes and our clients, making it no longer an exclusive right for the major corporate traders. We provide a high quality trading environment, one-click instant trade executions and anonymous neutral trading environment. All of the trade activities are done anonymously, which allows traders to execute fair trade transactions. Quotes are reflected based on the current Forex market situations, so the fluctuations are not manipulated.

Neither on the basis of forecasting client trade orientations, nor by understanding the client trade strategies or the current market price level. These typical features are what attract Forex traders and hedge funds to choose our DMA model, adding to the constant rise in Forex trade volume at Phnom Penh Securities.

Our vision

Since our establishment, we have stood on the same battle line as the traders. Phnom Penh Securities brings you a modern, highly ethical way to trade forex. Our mission is to provide a fair, a most technologically advanced trade environment to all of our clients. Together, we build our benefits with you. Unlike most brokers, we do not aim incessantly at your trade volume; neither will we perform any actions that will impede the efforts or your trades. “Co-existence for great achievements, co-survival for great benefits” is our philosophy; your brilliant success is our honor. Always providing one of the best advantages to every trader, Phnom Penh Securities strives to support a neutral business model and abides by the company’s core values: honesty, integrity, and transparency. We bring you directly into the banking market industry and provide the same bank quotes to everyone, regardless the volume of your trade. Instant high-speed executions, we will always provide all of the tools to help you make the most profit out of your trades.

Why choose us?

Any well-experienced Forex trader would know that choosing the right Forex broker is extremely important, for Forex brokers have always had a substantial influence in real trade performances. You will find yourself in an arduous battle by having chosen the wrong broker. However, a suitable broker is like an ally who gives you a fair competitive environment. That is the Phnom Penh Securities trade platform advantage.

Platform / Complete transparency

• We provide a technologically advanced platform, in catering to different trade styles
• 24-hour non-stop trading
• Multiple bank quotes
• White-label functions
• Management functions
• Client-oriented platform, easy to allocate
• Provides you precise quotes, up to the 5th decimal
• Instant trade executions, including during news broadcast times
• Multiple currency comparisons, extra currency comparisons can also be provided on request
• 24-hour technical support

DMA model

• Quotes provided by top Forex assigned banks
• Instant executions
• No re-quoting
• Quote transparency
• Every client is provided with the same quotes
• Market depth
• Variable profit difference
• Complete anonymity
• Non-conflictual, for all trade volumes, big or small
• No counter trades.